'Words in Gold' is 4 years-old

4 ans déjà ! The Moonlight Club's first EP, 'Words In Gold' was recorded and mixed at at Montreal’s infamous Breakglass Studios by David Smith in May 2015. The artwork was a unique collaboration with local art director Olivier Charland and the photography was the work of Martin Côté.


Some things have changed since the recording of our first EP ‘Words In Gold’. We moved into a new studio–3 times. We recorded a debut album. We recruited Dan. We played some shows. It’s nice to revisit this recording. But some things haven’t changed and we still like to play some of these old tunes live ;)

If you’re into acoustic / raw versions, ‘Words In Gold’, ‘Never Nothing Wrong’ and ‘Amy’ can be found on Nashville Sessions. No bells and whistles, just a cheap mic and a guitar.

Thanks for listening. See you soon!

Francois Royer Mireault